From Design to Market
Streamline Your Product Development

From initial concept to market delivery
Mind Technology solutions supports the main phases of product development – design, engineering, production, information management and marketing - enhancing your efficiency throughout the life cycle of the product.

Complete and integrated solutions
Mind Technology offer you an integrated software chain, designed to speed up and optimize your production processes, while enhancing quality and reducing costs.

Integrated automated cutting systems
Mind Technology automated cut systems, seamlessly integrated with the software solutions, offers you unbeatable advantages.

Get high cutting quality and speed

Cutting system for samples and small series production. A compact and ergonomic system with the features of a complete system including digitizing, nesting, cutting, and picking.

All operations are performed directly on a single cutting table – an ergonomic cutting board - in a very flexible and efficient process.

Twofold working areas for continuous or simultaneous operation, enabling the processing of more than one material.

Optional digital cameras and video projectors, directly over each working area.

A dynamic vacuum cell system efficiently fixes the materials, thus delivering high reliability and cut quality.

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