MindCUT V5.3 delivers an expanded set of specialized features and improved workflow-oriented interfaces for pattern matching and printed cut, enhanced support for leather offline processes [...]
MindCAD 3D for Footwear and MindCAD 3D Last V5.3 deliver new and enhanced customization and orthopedic-oriented features and tools, including innovative multiple-lasts-by-model creation and design, [...]
MindCAD 2D V5.3 delivers an expanded ruleset engine, importing and preserving information of more complex and complete models, a set of enhanced tools for drawing and specialized components creation, [...]
“Hundreds of shoes are now made on demand and sold directly to consumers worldwide.”
“welcome to a new dimension of cutting in the garment industry”
Addition of NTI school, with the usage of MindCAD as teaching tool

Today we are glad to announce that the network of schools that have a protocol with Mind for the usage of MindCAD as teaching tool for specialized footwear design and conception has just been enlarged with the addition of NTI - Novosibirsk Technological Institute.

Simac 2021

Simac is coming back to Milan, so are we!

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Mind has signed a new agreement with the major university in Uzbekistan

In the scope of its educational program Mind has signed a new agreement with the major university in Uzbekistan. MindCAD 2D and MindCAD 3D as well as Mind ShoeDesign will be used to teach the use of software CAD/CAM tools in the design and production of footwear.

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