Cutting automation & control


Combines MindCUT Studio software with the best-of-breed digital cutters from Zünd, thus offering an optimal cutting solution, flexible and adapted to the increasingly demanding apparel industry.

MindCUT Automatic Cutting System for Apparel platform is based on a Zünd G3-L2500 cutting machine, with a conveyor and 2 full extensions.

This platform comprises 3 independent and auto conveyed work zones. The transport of the fabric material between work zones is accomplished via an automatic moving system, based on the continuous conveyor.

1. Capture, Recognition and Automatic Nesting

The first work zone – an extension table of the cutting machine, equipped with a digital camera and a lighting system - is used for the leather hide deployment, marking, capture and recognition.

The automatic nesting is also performed on this work zone. Combined with the high resolution and accuracy of both the capture subsystem and conveyor movement, allows reducing to near-zero the margin between the parts, leather contour and quality regions - thus minimizing raw materials consumption.

2. Automatic Cut

When the leather hide is ready to be cut, it’s automatically moved to the second work zone - the machine’s cutting table.

The high precision of the automatic cut system allows parts to be immediately cutted at its final geometry, thus avoiding cut repetitions and material movements. A dynamic vacuum cell system fixes the leather hide for high reliability and cut quality.

3. Parts Picking

The picking is done on the third work zone – a final extension table of the cutting machine, equipped with a projector that highlights the parts to be picked.

Competitive advantages



Go faster from receiving the order to preparing and cutting complex patterned or printed fabrics.



Save money by reducing material wastage on your cutting room, at every point of the production cycle.



Save time and resources using the world’s highest performance digital cutters and software.
Speed up, optimize and control your production workflow.



Meet industry demands for quality, shorter lead times and perfect fit to your customers’ needs.


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