Product design & engineering

2D for Transportation

A specialized 2D environment for the design and engineering of automotive models, parts, and patterns.

Design and engineering made easy

Use a complete solution, addressing the complex design and engineering requirements of your global and demanding industry – namely automotive and furniture.

If required, use the highly specialized solutions for footwear or luggage 2D design and engineering.

Speed and efficiency

Meet your time-to-market goals; respond quickly to customization, changing trends and fast fashion.

Be faster and more productive in developing new models.

Reuse developed models to create new series.

Reuse parts and cutters across models, reducing costs and production times.



Easily change your industrial plans, with immediate results in patterns and sizes.

Execute parameterized sizing, applied to groups or parts of pieces.

Reuse and reduce required cutters.



Set margins and overlaps with high precision, optimizing material consumption.

Automatically place markers, corners, edges, and notches.

Tightly control measures.

2D features for Transportation

Patterns digitizing

Interactive data input using a 2D digitizing tablet (in continuous or point by point modes).

Automatic digitizing using a flatbed scanner.

Support for multiple digitizing scanners, including large format scanners.

2D modeling tools

Definition of style lines.

Related and unrelated lines.

Measurement tools.

Interactive and automatic tools for line distortion.

Creating patterns

Complete pattern definition without adding auxiliary lines.

Definition of dependencies between disconnected parts, ensuring its continuity.

Automatic definition of margins, overlaps, and others.

Automatic creation of notches, fillets, drills, and stencils.


Tight integration with MindCUT software for automatic nesting and cutting.

Full integration and data exchange with MindGEST PDM, a centralized information repository for products and processes.

Interoperability with MindGEST Cost Evaluation for cost assessment based on product engineering options and production scenarios.