Software for fast and precise cost evaluation of production scenarios for your models.


On time, on budget


Speed and flexibility


Cost reduction

On time, on budget

Dynamically evaluate and optimize the cost components of the production life cycle - from pre-production simulation to final production costing - for the complete model size range, helping you to deliver on time and on budget.


Speed and flexibility

Produce accurate and fast cost evaluation of your product design or production sample.

Generate, from early design and engineering stages, an initial estimate of each model´s cost of production.

Cost reduction

Pattern assessment studies for natural and synthetic materials help you to reduce waste and costs.

Material Estimation features

Costing scenarios

Production of several cost scenarios and variations, using predefined templates with parameterized cost project types, for early costing.

Customization of the template parameters for client-specific models, variants, and production processes.

Complete coverage of the main production cost factors, including material and component costs, labor costs, service costs, and overheads.

Sophisticated assessment technics

Sophisticated material consumption assessment, using predefined material group assignment.

Support for cost assessment of style variants, including alternative materials and components.

Automatic and interactive pattern assessment techniques.

Size range evaluation

Cost evaluation for a range of sizes from the basic model, using a powerful rule-based simulation engine.

Material consumption evaluation by material type, for a range of sizes and quantities.


Full reporting on consumption assessment and cost factors, with detailed drill-down.

Graphic representation of the pattern assessment results for each material group.


Imports and processes product data using 2D models generated by MindCAD 2D Design and Engineering.

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