Automatic recognition of printed materials

MindCUT Automatic Cutting System for Digital Printing is a complete solution targeted to deal with digitally printed fabrics. Depending on the type of material and printed pictures, different software approaches are available, to read and cut what you really need.

The 3-stage configuration enables simultaneous, continuous and centrally controlled operations in each work zone.

1. Parts capture and matching

In the first work zone - an integrated extension - the printed contour and/or marks of the different parts of a pre-nested roll material is captured with a high resolution camera, in one shot. An automatic link between digitized data and real geometry will be created or, alternatively, a vectorization process will take care of precise geometry creation.

2. Automatic cutting

After stage 1, a set of parts, ready to be cut, moves to the cutting area through a tension-free cradle feeder.

A high-precision positioning system, powerful tools and a calibrated aluminum cutting surface will allow a fast and precise cut of all parts.

3. Parts pickup

The pickup is done in the third work zone – a final extension table of the cutting machine, equipped with a projector that highlights the parts to be picked up.

Competitive advantages



Consumers are becoming more demanding and want to buy original, highly creative clothing pieces.



Brands are producing several collections per season.


See how your business can benefit with this solution.

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