Part Scan

The complete digital solution

The fastest and most reliable way to digitize your models’ parts

A flexible and automatic parts digitizer, with features detection, fully integrated with your automated production environment.

The solution

A digital camera captures the parts and vectorizes boundaries​. The resulting digital data is processed to extract, organize and classify specific features - notches, punches, markings and text.​ The features extraction process is flexible and configurable according to a dictionary of shapes and features.​ The flexibility of the solution allows you to handle parts of different dimensions, and to capture multiple parts at the same time​. The scanned parts can be grouped to form models. The resulting files are feature-rich, ready to be used in any automatic cutting process​.

How does Part Scan work?

Setup & capture​

01 Fine-tune the capture parameters, based on parts material characteristics. Place and distribute the patterns on the capture area, the digital camera captures the part or set of parts .

Contour extraction and vectorization

02The digital data is processed to extract contours. The parts’ contour, holes and internal lines are vectorized.

Define & apply rules

03Define and apply rules for point filtering, feature detection (notches, punches, text) and define assembling margins.

Fine-tune part features​

04You can refine rules to enhance specific features, such as rounding notches to optimize the cutting process.

Define parts properties​

05The part-related information is defined, organized and saved.

Save the resulting model​


Complete integration with production workflow

Fully integration with your automated
production environment.

Compatibility with CAD systems

Enhance and update your model patterns - using any standard 2D CAD software, including the recommended MindCAD 2D modelling.


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