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Cutting system for samples and small series production. A compact and ergonomic system with the features of a complete system including digitizing, nesting, cutting, and picking.

All operations are performed directly on a single cutting table – an ergonomic cutting board - in a very flexible and efficient process.

Twofold working areas for continuous or simultaneous operation, enabling the processing of more than one material.

Optional digital cameras and video projectors, directly over each working area.

A dynamic vacuum cell system efficiently fixes the materials, thus delivering high reliability and cut quality.

Key Features

System features

User friendly and easy to operate.

Strongly oriented for samples and small runs.

High resolution projection system.

Daily statistics to control the overall performance.

Full operation with just one worker

System features High speed tool heads

MindCUT for Zünd L3 Cutter Series

Highest reliability - robust construction.

Low maintenance and running costs.

All axis with highly dynamic DC-motor drives.

Tz-P20-No tool head for high performance cutting and punching. Maximum of 10 holes/ s.

2 x 20 vacuum zones, software controlled for optimization of material fixation.

Maximum cutting quality due to metallic microperfurated and adjustable cutting surface.

MindCUT for Zünd L3 Cutter Series Cutting quality. 40x vacuum cells

MindCUT for Zünd G3 - Hard Materials

Thanks to the high force in the X/Y-axis, resistant materials can be cut with a drag knife.

High force in Z-Axis providing easier cutting of hard materials.

High cutting speed is possible with a drag knife i.e. high productivity.

Knives can last for many days.

The best solution for soles and insole materials.

MindCUT for Zünd G3 - Hard Materials High cutting force/speed for hard materials


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