What’s New in MindCUT V5.3

MindCUT V5.3 delivers an expanded set of specialized features and improved workflow-oriented interfaces for pattern matching and printed cut, enhanced support for leather offline processes (scan-to-stock and scan-to-job), and extended support for new hardware, namely but not exclusively the Eurolaser laser cutting machines. With the new workflow oriented interfaces the solutions for pattern matching and printed cut reinforce their market leading position being the unique solution that encompass almost all scenarios in this type of application.

What’s New in MindCAD 3D V5.3

MindCAD 3D for Footwear and MindCAD 3D Last V5.3 deliver new and enhanced customization and orthopedic-oriented features and tools, including innovative multiple-lasts-by-model creation and design, enhanced last-to-foot adjusting tools and the combined merge of the 2-last flattening. These new features are a cornerstone for massified one-to-one personalization of production from conception down to production.
The 3D model soles and parts are now exported with more quality and supported formats making 3D printing a reality.
A new product structure makes the process of buying just the features needed for your specific case a lot easier and clearer.

What’s New in MindCAD 2D V5.3

MindCAD 2D V5.3 delivers an expanded ruleset engine, importing and preserving information of more complex and complete models, a set of enhanced tools for drawing and specialized components creation, a new editing history/ track record approach, and new features for grading and treatments. MindCAD 2D V5.3 is now much more than a specialized CAD for footwear. We are pleased to announce that with the new features for grading and the new parametric creation tools MindCAD V5.3 is now also a viable even more specialized solution for upholstery and leather goods.