MindCAD 3D V5.3 release offers the following new features and enhancements:

MindCAD Last Features

Multiple lasts with different sides
Multiple differentiated lasts can now be defined by side.

Multiple lasts with different sizes
The differentiated lasts can be defined by side, as well.

Cloning lasts
A last can be created by cloning the existing one.

Multiple lasts imported from file
You can import each of the differentiated last from an external last file.

Last lattice grid
Enhanced adjusting tools, allowing the interactive adjusting of dimensions and shapes of lasts, for orthopedic footwear and personalization.

Mesh export with greater quality (quad based)
Support for quad mesh export when exporting the Last surface to Wavefront-OBJ format.

Whats New MindCAD

Maintaining original flattening for visual comparison
Advanced flattening methods, to deal with the most irregular lasts and extreme orthopedic footwear. Combined merge of the 2-last flattening, differentiated by colors, for easier visual comparation.

Merge of two related lasts
You can execute a combined merge of two related last flattening – left and right - and export the results to MindCAD 2D.

Whats New MindCAD

3D features

Multiple lasts support
Innovative multiple-lasts-by-model integrated design, for different lasts’ typologies.

The consistency and flexibility of this approach allows the designer’s ideas and craftsmanship to be applied in a more creative design, for orthopedic footwear and personalization.

Enhanced sole export
Export sole surfaces using more parametric formats: IGES and STEP.

Exporting parts as triangle mesh
Select a part from your model and export it to a OBJ file, as a triangle mesh representation, for 3D printing.