MindCAD 3D Viewer is a free component for an interactive and realistic visualization of 3D models, delivering an exact representation of shoe samples from the viewpoint of the designer.

The solution enables information-sharing and collaboration between partners from design to final approval.

Built over the same visualization engine as MindCAD 3D Design & Engineering, MindCAD 3D Viewer enables you to open, view, and annotate your virtual designs or to modify the models’ style line – thus facilitating your partners’ feedback and speeding the design approval.

Download MindCAD Viewer v5.4 Install Kit

3D Viewer features

Realistic visualization

Simplified interactive visualization.

Import textures and materials from external resources.

Interactive assignment of materials, applied over the virtual designs.

Preview and tuning of materials application.


Annotation tool for partner feedback.

Style line rectification and proposed material assignment tools.

Support for interactive and animated presentation.

Lightweight data-model format for faster exchange of information.


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