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Complete system with 3 independent and auto conveyed work zones for continuous (1) leather capture, recognition and nesting, (2) automatic cutting, and (3) parts pickup.

A flexible 3-stage system that fits any industrial sector and any type of production. In a very competitive world, companies need flexible and reliable solutions to supply the market very quickly, whatever the challenges are and where quality is always a must...

The conveyor solution includes 3 working areas, operating simultaneously and in continuous mode, returning high throughput and cutting quality.

The 3-stage solution includes: capture, recognition and nesting, a cutting area, and finally the picking-up area.

Depending on the materials to be cut, different system configurations are possible, both in terms of hardware and software. The use of digital cameras, video projectors or different software modules depends on the layout that best fits the target market.

Key Features

System features

All-in-one, no waste of time efficiency or quality with off-line systems.

Maximum productivity.

Wide range of solutions, whatever you need, we have it...

Extreme modularity, allowing your company to face new challenges.

Extreme upgradeability, allowing continuous growth.

System features Multiple tools for different materials/needs

MindCUT for G3 / D3 Cutter Series

Rigid and built for 24/7 production.

Great edge quality (Minimal beam deflection/vibrations).

120mm x 120mm welded steel frame.

Cutting surface supported by 60mm x 40mm steel sub-frame.

Robust cutting surface guaranteed level within +/- 0.2mm.

Up to 36 “quick set” vacuum zones.

Next generation motion control system.

Fast job set-up and changeover.

Fast and accurate tool initialisation (AKI).

Minimal idle time per tool change.

High machine availability/uptime.

MindCUT for G3 / D3 Cutter Series Configurable solutions
MindCUT for G3 / D3 Cutter Series Easy Z0 knife setup


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