Mind ShoeDesign

Mind has launched a new software to complement is suite for footwear. This new software, Mind ShoeDesign is specially conceived to be a tool for early conceptual design and to be used by those of us that have little or no experience in 3D Design Tools. It is aimed at those who prefer a simple environment where they can draw their first ideas. 

Mind ShoeDesign is a software tool that enables any designer to begin working in a shoe design environment with a minimum learning curve. It is powerful and yet simple to use. Using only 2D you can see full 3D models with enough realism to get your sketches approved.

Moreover, this software reduces the need for repetitive tasks such as generating technical files, functionality that you can reach with a single click.
Working in both Mac OS and Windows and using many of the interactions the model designers are used to, and even enabling simultaneous editing in AI this tool is ideal for the early conceptual design.

The software can be licensed through a subscription base model that makes this solution affordable to small and large businesses.

Training can be made fully through the free online tutorials materials that can be reached in the product official site: www.mindshoedesign.pt.