Addition of NTI school, with the usage of MindCAD as teaching tool

Today we are glad to announce that the network of schools that have a protocol with Mind for the usage of MindCAD as teaching tool for specialized footwear design and conception has just been enlarged with the addition of NTI - Novosibirsk Technological Institute.

Once again through the dedication of Alex Dombrov of OktoPrint Service LLC.
The NTI is part of the Russian State University and was founded in 1963. It is presently constituted by two faculties and eight departments. The institute ministers’ bachelors and masters in areas such as: Design, Technology and Management amongst others.
We are certainly proud to receive NTI (complete abbreviated name: NTI (branch) of the Russian State University named after A.N. Kosygina) in our network. Please check more about this school here:
For more information about Mind program for Universities and other teaching institutes or organizations check here: