COTEC Innovative Status 2022

Mind was awarded the COTEC Innovative Statute, an initiative of COTEC Portugal (*) and its banking partners. This award recognizes national companies for their capacity for innovation and value creation for Portugal.

Among 830 applicant companies, Mind was one of the awarded for its investment in innovation, financial robustness, and economic performance. COTEC stressed the "The exceptional performance revealed by your company, management team, and collaborators is a cause for recognition and respect for COTEC".

Thus, Mind demonstrates that it is possible to combine adequate financial soundness, technological investment, and the conviction that Innovation is essential to increase competitive potential and economic results in companies.

The "INNOVATIVE COTEC" Statute, in addition to publicly recognizing innovative companies, also enhances the creation of a network of partners to dynamize the sector. The winners will be able to exhibit their status "Innovative COTEC" during the next year.

Over the next year, we will mention this recognition on Mind websites and publications.

(*) COTEC Portugal is the main Portuguese business association for the promotion of business innovation and technological cooperation. The COTEC Portugal universe includes multinational companies, large national groups and SMEs, in various areas of activity, representing, in aggregate terms, more than 16% of GDP.
COTEC Portugal’s main activities include anticipating and reflecting on key innovation themes with an impact on the competitiveness of companies, activating collaborative platforms and networks and contributing to the improvement of public policies in matters of innovation. Established in 2003, COTEC Portugal was worthy of, from the onset, the support of the incumbent President of the Republic, who currently holds the status of Honorary President. More recently, COTEC was distinguished with the status of a public benefit institution.

Certificado Inovadora COTEC 2022