Mind nominates an Italian Distributor

With more than a thousand licenses sold worldwide Mind and distributors in 13 different countries and two direct subsidiaries (USA and China) Mind is proud to announce the upcoming of a new distributor for the Italian market.

Massimiliano Marziali, the CEO explains: “When I started using MindCAD, I soon realized it is a complete working tool, easily usable and production-oriented, which makes tasks smoother. Design, pattern making, cut and production processes are all kept together by one complete and friendly software. Moreover, smart working will be easier and all departments will keep in touch efficiently.

I tested MindCAD for more months before making a decision: I wanted to make sure it had all which is needed, that it could be readily learned and taught. The answer is yes: not only it is an appealing software, but it embodies all the features one should be looking for. All this in-depth analysis carried me at the present moment.

I believe I have been a mad, madly in love with this software, to the point I made a life-changing decision, and spent all my energies in this new project. I truly believe MindCAD is going to bring great benefits and innovation to the shoe industry, to the automotive sector, to furniture design and to the clothing industry.

Today, more than ever, we need to broaden our horizons and look ahead with powerful and limitless solutions!“

This extension of the distribution network is encompassed in the global strategy of reinforcement of its distributor network. The Italian market by its relevance both in terms of quality, prestige and technological edge is among the priority targets in this process. Upcoming this year will be the nomination of distributors in other two or three relevant shoe producer countries, planned to happen later on this last quarter of 2020.

The Mind product suite of CAD systems that Massy & Co will now be distributing in Italy is a comprehensive set of products specialized in footwear and other related industries. Powerful and yet simple to use is the goal of all software that this suite of products really brings to live. From conceptual design with a revolutionary new product launch named Mind ShoeDesign – launching first days of November, to MindCAD 3D a complete 3D CAD system that enables the full development of a Shoe even making possible the connection to e-commerce solutions and finalizing with MindCAD 2D , a full featured CAD system that really can take all the details of shoe production including cut preparation to the point were starting from the concept and the creation of alternatives mass customization is really possible.

In difficult economic situations that were imposed to the world it is by the use of sensible technology like the one Mind provides that companies can take a new approach to the market and transform a challenge in an opportunity.

“We are very happy to have found the right partner to introduce our products in Italy. We really think that by their flexibility and technical simplicity yet powerful features they are the best choices for the very sophisticated and demanding Italian market and Massimiliano is really the right partner to explain their full capacities” said MIND CEO João Bernardo in the remote contract signing session.