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With more than a thousand licenses sold worldwide Mind and distributors in 13 different countries and two direct subsidiaries (USA and China) Mind is proud to announce the upcoming of a new distributor for the Italian market.

Mind has since 2018 a distributor for the Russian Federation. We wish to highlight the relevance of OktoPrint in our network and celebrate this by emphasizing the outstanding work done in promoting our brand in Russia.

Streamline your product development with our standalone marking system.

MindCUT ® V5 release offers the following new features and enhancements

MindCAD 3D changes in V5 are rooted in customer feedback.
They make MindCAD easier to use, supporting better your creative design.
Learn more about the new features.

MindCAD 2D changes in V5 offers an impressive set of innovative, time-saving tools, more focused on precision and speed.
Keep reading to learn more about the new tools and enhancements.

"Mind presented a totally open solution, with the commitment and total availability to work together…"

Fernando Meireles | Managing Partner

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