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TUAISI - MSD Contest

The Technical University Gheorghe Asachi, located in IASI, Romania, accepted Mind's challenge to participate on the international Mind ShoeDesign Award Contest. The contest, under the theme of Sustainability, and promoted by Mind, APICCAPS, CTCP and Shoelutions, is a competition open to professional and non-professional designers worldwide, while there is a simultaneous competition specifically reserved for school students.

TUIASI/ Mind Partnership Promotes Advanced Training in MindCAD for University Professors

The Faculty of Industrial Design of the Romanian University of TUIASI, under a multi-year partnership agreement with Mind, uses MindCAD solutions in its footwear design and modeling courses.

COTEC Innovative Status 2022

Mind was awarded the COTEC Innovative Statute, an initiative of COTEC Portugal (*) and its banking partners. This award recognizes national companies for their capacity for innovation and value creation for Portugal.

Addition of NTI school, with the usage of MindCAD as teaching tool

Today we are glad to announce that the network of schools that have a protocol with Mind for the usage of MindCAD as teaching tool for specialized footwear design and conception has just been enlarged with the addition of NTI - Novosibirsk Technological Institute.

Mind has signed a new agreement with the major university in Uzbekistan

In the scope of its educational program Mind has signed a new agreement with the major university in Uzbekistan. MindCAD 2D and MindCAD 3D as well as Mind ShoeDesign will be used to teach the use of software CAD/CAM tools in the design and production of footwear.

Mind has signed a protocol with KNUT

Mind has signed with the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD) a protocol enabling this renowned university to use MindCAD and Mind ShoeDesign software in their footwear courses or other teaching activities.


Here you will find information on upcoming trade shows where you can see Mind solutions in action, our webinars and all events we participate! 


    SIMAC TANNING TECH Wednesday 30th of August 2023

    Mind will present the new 2D/3D CAD on the next edition of SIMAC TANNING TECH. And if you are in Milan from the 19th to the 21st of September, we would love have on our stand and show you firsthand all the advantages this new iteration brings to your business.

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  • ITMA exhibition
    ITMA exhibition Tuesday 6th of June 2023

    Mind will be present in the next ITMA exhibition to be held in Milan from the 8th to the 14th of June in the Zünd Booth (Hall 7, booth D303).

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  • iTechStyle Summit
    iTechStyle Summit Tuesday 9th of May 2023


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