Eurolaser Laser Cutter

Mind has recently installed a unit of an Eurolaser Machine (M-800) in its Demo Room. Mind is the official reseller of Eurolaser through its division Eurolaser Iberia for Portugal and Spain. Mind technicians have now received the official training and are able to show you all the versatility of these machines for customers in those two countries. For other territories please refer to Eurolaser global site.

Laser cutting, marking, or engraving is especially versatile. It can address a wide range of products that are used in countless industries. From cork to leather from wood to marble or granite (engraving in these two last cases) if we want to give examples of natural materials. In synthetics materials the list of possibilities is just too large to even begin to enumerate so just to name a few Kevlar©, Carbon Fiber,  Cordura, Cotton fibers, Polyester, Foam, … possibilities are endless!

To have a more detailed view on the list of possible materials. just check our site.

You can also visit our demo room either physically or remotely, just ask for a demonstration. If you want, we can even make a test with your material. Just send it to us (in the case of an online demo) or bring it with you in a physical one. That way you will be sure of the quality of these machines and their application in your specific case. If the demonstration is remote samples can be returned for you to check the quality of the process. Just ask us for details on the remote demonstration possibility through our online forms.

The Eurolaser machines are driven by our latest generation of cut control software from Mind (MindCut Studio) enabling a seamless integration and optimization in any industrial cutting process and in all appliable industries.