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Studio Twin

Studio Twin

SKU: 1201003
Brand: MindCUT

MindCUT Studio delivers an integrated and modular set of tools for automatic cutting cells, including digitizing, interactive nesting, cut orders management, cutting control features.

Leather digitizing and classification

Digitizing of materials with digital cameras.
Automatic extraction of material contours.
Interactive tools for identification of quality areas and distention directions.
Identification and tracking of leather hides using barcode or RFID labeling systems.


Import of digitized and classified materials.
Import of nestings from MindCUT Automatic Nesting or other third party applications.
Import and definition of cut orders from MindGEST PDM.

Process management

Definition of nesting restrictions by orientation, margins and material assignment.
Real time information on nesting and cutting efficiency.
Definition of cut orders allowing part-by-part customization.

Interactive nesting

Intuitive tools highly optimized for interactive nesting.
Ordering heuristics for part feeding during interactive nesting.
Advanced interactive restrictions based in material and quality rules.
Optimized nested groups reuse for interactive and automatic nesting.

Cutting optimization

Configuration of the cutting machine tools and cutting path optimizations based on quality requirements, parts geometry and material type.
Enhanced support for cutting machine operation and control of cutting tools, vacuum cells, conveyors, etc.

Parts pickup

Interactive and sequenced collection of parts, using rules based on models, sizes and job orders.
References and visual aids for parts pickup, through direct video projection or printed information.


Full reporting on digitizing and classification results, nesting efficiency and cutting performance, with detailed drill-down.