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Model Importer

Model Importer

SKU: 1201006
Brand: MindCUT

MindCUT Model Importer imports external geometry files representing model parts, recognizes, processes, and exports rulesets or parts, ready for nesting and cutting.

Importing and recognition

Importing part’s geometry of a model, exported from external CAD systems.
Recognition of the parts geometric elements - borders, holes, quality areas, markers, labels, punches, notches, internal lines, stencils, reference points or axis.

Processing and classification

Automatic processing of the imported parts’ geometry, using a configurable ruleset engine.
Classification of the identified parts elements, based on initial setup of classification rulesets.
Ruleset creation, saving and exportation.

Preparation for cutting

Interactive tools for editing of parts elements.
Review and correction of the automatic classification results and properties.


Export of the processed parts, ready for nesting and cut, for further processing by MindCUT Studio. The rulesets can also be exported to and used by MindGEST PDM or MindCAD 2D.