"LBT’s satisfaction with the solution presented by Mind and with the after-sale services is total."

Luís Brito


LBT is a reference small and medium size enterprise (SME) in the sector of circular knitting clothing (t-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, etc). We have the main luxury brands as clients, in Europe as well in the United States of America.


Contrasting with most of the players of this sector in the national market, LBT has a big component of internal production. Furthermore, given that the clients are extremely demanding, the development of the product is also demanding and, therefore, the perfect and timely development of prototypes and sales samples has always been a main target to be cared for: a reinforcement and constant monitorization of this process is needed.

After searching the market, several competitive solutions were presented as far as price is concerned. However the solution presented by Mind was the only one that embodied quality, customization and constant technical advances.


Adopting Mind’s cut system allowed to reduce (and even eliminate in some cases) the backlog that sometimes was generated in the samples cut sector. At the same time, having the cut backlog solved, it was possible to define a reinforcement strategy of the samples’ series confection process, which would have been impossible without the appropriate cut volume. The impact is mainly on the staff costs reduction (from a manual samples’ cut to a totally automatized cut) and on obtaining flexibility in the process. With this solution it was possible to better comply with the sampling delivery times.


It is difficult to quantify the impact on the turnover, however it is easily understandable that our clients were visibly happy with the rapid sampling reaction.


LBT’s satisfaction with the solution presented by Mind and with the after-sale services is total.

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