"The Zünd cutter meets our needs perfectly – from excellent cut quality to exceptionally high material yield."

Mariano Dias | Founder and owner

Digital textile printer Blur completes value chain with Zünd G3 L-2500 cutter and fully integrated print & cut workflow.

Five years in, going full steam

Blur, a Portuguese digital textile printer, has written a remarkable succes story. It all began five years ago, when Mariano Dias invested in their first digital printer. Blur quickly made a name for himself providing print services to the high fashion industry. At the end of 2015, Blur further expanded its digital printing capabilities and has since gone almost exclusively to rollto- roll production. In need of efficient, reliable cutting, Blur also purchased a Zünd G3 L-2500 cutting system. Today the company's fully digital production is handled by 40 employees in a well-designed print & cut workflow.

Completing the value chain

All of Blur's customers are located in the Barcelos Region and are involved in fast fashion. Initially, they would send fabrics to Blur for cutting and subsequently have the garment parts printed. With the new Zünd cutting system, however, Blur has now implemented a state-of-the art print & cut workflow and can deliver fully finished parts. The Zünd G3 Cutter has allowed Blur to complete its value chain. Comments Mariano Dias: “With the Zünd G3, we can now offer in-house digital cutting. This greatly benefits our customers since we can now deliver fully finished parts with only the sewing left to do.“

Cutting with precision

Blur processes predominantly knitted fabrics, which tend to be quite challenging. “The G3 system unwinds and advances the material entirely without tension, leaving it perfectly flat for processing. Different fabrics may have different tensile properties, but with the ability to efficiently capture printed register marks, we can easily compensate for any distortions.“ For Dias there is no other system on the market that can process digitally printed knits with as much precision as the Zünd G3. His customers agree and are equally thrilled with the cut quality and short delivery times.

Mariano Dias, Founder and owner: "The Zünd cutter meets our needs perfectly – from excellent cut quality to exceptionally high material yield."

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