"Mind presented a totally open solution, with the commitment and total availability to work together…"

Fernando Meireles | Managing Partner


Founded in 1984, Crialme stands out among the textile industry as a worldwide reference company for men dressmaking, because of its flexibility, capacity to adapt to the fashion trends and to the general market.

The investment in human and technical skills as well as in new technologies and equipment assure a quality product and a service of excellence. Our focus is on the client and on the surpassing of qualitative requirements.


The fabric cut in plaid was executed so far using the traditional method of matching the plaid lines: cut on a needle table, using pieces in bulk that were then adjusted during the production process.

Considering that this fabric type has been increasingly in demand, Crialme searched for solutions not only to address this need but also to reduce the cut time. This search for the solution required a final quality and competitive product, using as less resources and time as possible.


Mind presented a totally open solution, with the commitment and total availability to work together to build the solution. It was possible to bond the know-how and years of experience in plaid cut from Crialme together with the knowledge in technology, programming and dynamism of the team at Mind.

We were facing a completely new scenery in this industry and the comparable solutions were far from reaching the goals expected.

The key facts to choose Mind as a partner were:

  1. Total commitment to reach our requirements’ satisfaction;
  2. Dinamism to search for the best solutions;
  3. Easy communication;
  4. Solution adaptability;
  5. Constant improvement capacity;
  6. Reliability of the equipments and resources used.


The plaid cut solution allowed to reduce the fabric consumption, eliminated the need to adjust the fabric during the production process, reduced the cut time and raised the cut capacity.

This solution is good to the evolutive project of our business and is an essential equipment to reach the company goals. It has given the company a response capacity that benefits the relationship with our clients and partners.


This I&D project in partnership with Mind grants to both companies the capacity to lead the knowledge in textile industry. Since it is a project of continuous evolution, we are assured that the search is for the best solution, with the best quality and profitability.

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