MindCAD Short Courses

Mind will be organizing two short courses for MindCAD 2D and MindCAD 3D for Footwear.  These two courses will have a two-day duration each. They will be introductory courses aimed at profiles with industry, modelling or design experience. The courses will be held in Mind installations in SM Feira (Portugal) but for those of you which want to attend and can´t be on site we will provide online attendance

The courses are totally free of charge, but they do require previous registration and qualification, to guarantee that the course content fits your profile (for instance you may be overqualified). If they do not, then we will advise you of other courses that will be held in the months to come. Of course, last call is yours, and if you really want to assist you are always welcome!

Closer to the course dates we will issue a more detailed program and schedule but for now keep in Mind (and reserve) the dates:

Program | 12th to 16 April Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

12th April : 9h-12h Mind ShoeDesign | www.mindshoedesign.pt
12th April : 13h30-17h30 MindCAD 3D
13th April : 9h-12h and 13h30-17h30 : MindCAD 3D
14th April : 9h-12h MindCAD 3D
14th April : 13h30-17h30 MindCAD 2D

15th April : 9h-12h and 13h30-17h30 MindCAD 2D
16th April : 9h-12h MindGEST Technical Documentation and MindCAD Part Assessment


Please register here as soon as possible specially if you want to assist in place. Due to the known restriction’s available places will be in short number. As online goes limits will be of course harder to reach but we do have a maximum number of participants,  in order to be able to give answers to all your questions. In the registration form you will be able to choose if you to attend physically or online. On the latter case please supply country so that we can advise you on time zones (specially if you are in America or Asia).

Presence certificates will be issued to all participants. Since the course does have a practical hands-on component each participant should have its own copy of the software. To do that if you are not already a MindCAD client or a Mind partner there are two possibilities. The first is to use a free full featured trial version without save. You can optionally use a free full version with save (time limited to the course duration) but for which you will be asked to make a deposit corresponding to the value of the dongle that has to be send to you. This deposit less mail and other administrative direct expenses will be returned when the dongle is returned to us. If you decide to buy a license this cost will be deducted from the value license.

The participation on the Mind ShoeDesign course is simpler since a full featured trial can be downloaded from the product site.

For current MindCAD users and Mind partners conditions for access to more trial licenses for course attendance are different, just contact us for specific information.


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