MindCAD 3D Design & Engineering ® 2017.V1 release offers the following new features and enhancements:

Part mirroring
It is now possible to mirror parts from medial to lateral or vice versa.

Improved show/hide functionality
It is now possible to select objects and choose to hide everything but the selected objects.

Improved line editing functionality
Editing of grouped lines.

Drag & drop over grouped lines (previously it only affected dropped on line).

Lines are pasted at cursor position instead of over original line.
Dependency release (mirror, offset) is now possible for multiple lines.
Trim tool.

Improved shape editing functionality
Explode geometry tool is now available for ellipses and triangles.
Ellipse and rectangle parameters are now editable.

Rectangle automatic corner insertion.

Improved selection capabilities
Direction-sensitive selection, i.e. selection from left to right has a different meaning than selecting from right to left. User configurable.

Improved copy/paste options
Fixed Paste now available.
Color or texture of a material is now individually copy-able.

Improved sole management
Grouping of all (or some) sole-related items hierarchically beneath the sole.
Sole mirroring.

Improved insole functionality
Reset/reverse surface orientation.

Improved padding functionality
Padding possible with text.

Improved accessory distribution
Scale is now available on initial setup.
Accessories may be placed onto several lines at once.

Improved library functionality
Refresh optimization. Click over Punches and Punch group applies it.

Improved undo
List of performed operations now available.

Improved drag & drop operations
Correct group identification.

File/Project information
View related last filename.
Base model number.
PDM connection information.

Improved mesh quality
Improved mesh quality in thin paddings or thin part segments.

Symmetry in sole drawn elements
Ability to mirror lines from one side of the sole to the other.

Improved rendering
3D stencil offset to avoid z-fighting with last.

New color classification options for lines
Automatic line coloring, based on line dependencies.

Improved part deformation
New mix option allowing part surfaces to follow lifters.

Improved line creation tools
New line bisector tool.

Improved stitching functionality
It is now possible to assign stitches to multiple lines at once.
Stitches now correctly apply to whole line group instead of selected line.
Stitching can now also be applied to the inside of a part (matching with the exterior).

Improved interface to apply stitched to holes.

Improved auto center view when zooming
Auto center view now works more reliably.

Support for High DPI screens
MindCAD 3D now correctly scales its interface to adapt to high DPI screens.

Last Features

Adjust central and heel lines grid tool
Visual aid for central and heel line adjustment.

Improved flattening
Enhanced full upper flattening, using a user selected line to break the surface.
Allow partial flattening on top line for upper flattening.

Improved STL importer
Automatic point detection.

Line adding tool (during import).

Independent alignment (X, Y, Z) during import.

Enhanced lasts
Improvements in sample lasts surface quality.

Improved transition areas
Smooth transitions in tall boots' last.