MindCAD 2D Modelling ® 2017 release offers the following new features and enhancements:

Shell Modeling
Now, the Grading table is not reset when the base model size is changed on Convert Shell feature.
A new Adjust Shell tool is now available, using raw flattening guidance lines.

Parts Modeling
The assignment of an individual property to a line/part combo is now possible, distinguishing inherited properties.

A stitch line mode was added into Add Lines and Add Cuts tools.

The label position is automatically updated when part geometry changes.
The Parts List table now supports parameters change, Excel-like.
A part’s short name field was added, following the same type of automatic name assignment, in place for regular names.
Draw/ define an orientation of parts, for later use on the MindCUT cutting system.
A default value can be assigned for the code roundness parameter.

Lines Editing
Define saw tooth (balance/roundness/saw tooth position) by parameters by entering numeric values.
The stitch line tool allows a start and end point on the same base line.

Punches Editing
New oblique option for punch section distribution.

Notches Editing
New options for interactive notches of type Point: Distance to Contour and Properties.

Enhanced Measurement Tool
An angle measure tool is now available.

An active measurement feature is now available, by selecting the path to be measured and displaying the related measure.

New measure mode using stitch paradigm.

A line can now be created while using the measure tool.

Treatments Modeling
It is now possible to add a treatment on both sides of the part.
Automatic mirrored contour selection is now available just by clicking on one side.

Set notches to the outside on treatments by setting a negative depth value.

While editing the graded size, only graded lines are shown, i.e. the base lines are not displayed.

Cost Assessment
The Costing Report now includes extra data columns and supports selectable units.

Bags/ Leather goods features
Automatic generation of quality areas is now supported.