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12 to 16 of April


Santa Maria da Feira

To Whom

Designers and Shoemakers


Mind will organize from the 12th  to the 16th a sequence of open CAD courses. These courses have an introductory level even medium to advanced users may find useful to review some features and concepts. The courses will be held in English. Inscriptions are limited (we do want to provide you a pleasant learning experience in which you can ask questions) so please be sure to register quickly. Consult the site to register and more information about the course’s syllabus.

Mind ShoeDesign (3h) 

In this course the participants will learn how to design a shoe from scratch. This course is aimed at shoe designers with experience in traditional design tools (pencil and paper) or non-specialized tools like the ones from Adobe product suite. In a single morning you will learn how to pass from the idea of a concept to full 3D model for conceptual approval and integration in the production flow.

MindCAD 3D (14h) 

Initiation course aimed to the creation of a model and collections of models using a full blown 3D CAD system. The course will address technical and design issues covering all phases of a 3D shoe conception. From the editing of lasts to 3D printing, 3D materials mapping, sole creation, flattening and exportation to 2D CAD systems this will nevertheless a pack full of information course that may also interest more experienced users. At the end of this course the user may expect to be able to produce a full blown and photorealistic 3D shoe model.  

MindCAD 2D  (11h)

This course, of introductory nature is aimed at those who do not have or have little technical modelling experience. We will cover all the necessary features of a 2D CAD system and we will use MindCAD 2D as a practical tool to illustrate those points. More experienced users may find this course interesting as a way to compare techniques or to review concepts.