Solution supporting the management, marketing and sales of product collections, based on 3D digital catalogs, interactive and highly realistic.


Catalog content management





Catalog content management

MindSALES 3D Catalogs is a content management solution that enables your products’ marketing with accurate and personalized information, managed in a central product data repository.

Adapt the catalog structure, design and content to your specific needs.


Adapted your offer to specific market characteristics, demands and trends.

Deliver customizable products and new product offering by defining product families, variants and options that facilitate an affordable approach to mass customization.


Produce high quality and interactive 3D catalogs, based on virtual models, variants and collections previously defined by MindCAD 3D Design & Engineering.

Features 3D Catalogs

Production integrated catalogs

Full integration with MindCAD 3D Design & Engineering.

Visual dependencies based on design-time rules and restrictions, ensuring aesthetic coherence or production restrictions.

Tight binding between design choices and production materials and components on ERP systems.

Catalog customization

Builder tool for 3D interactive catalogs, with navigation preview of models and variants, through customized point-of-sale applications.

Customizable collection of models and variants for specific business requirements or target-markets.

Multi-channel catalog publishing and management, including standalone, web-based or point-of-sale kiosk platforms.

Flexible marketing and sales information

Synchronized catalog information with automatic update.

Personalization of point-of-sale kiosks visual design and interactions.

Customizable order form design, data structure and acquisition, including personal preferences and morphology.

Order print support for final variant selection.

Integrated order and sales management

Fine control over the order process.

Order and production management system integration.

Orders and sales advanced reporting and business performance indicators.

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